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The Mind Takers – Final Project Proposal: RC MindControl

Posted By Kalyn Kovac On December 2, 2011 @ 1:41 am In Initial Writeups | 1 Comment

Team Members:

  • Kalyn Kovac
  • Ifeanyi Bruno Umeadi
  • Eric Berman

Final Project Proposal

The RC MindControl final project should offer complete control of the RC Vehicle using brainwaves.  This would include forward, reverse, left, right, and speed control.  The big challenge for the final semester will be getting useful data from the Emotiv EPOC headset.   The RC MindControl final project will offer more precise control in two dimensions.  The first prototype only offered control in on dimension.  Another improvement over the prototypes is the speed control.  Prototype one went the stock speed of the RC vehicle, in prototype two we slowed down the RC vehicle. 

Team Structure

  • Each team member is responsible for working at least 2 – 4 hours individually each week on the project unless specified otherwise
  • There will also be  2 – 4 hour joint working sessions during the week to work on the project with as many team members as can make it
  • Every member is responsible for the team’s progress and success
  • Attend as many meetings as possible and try to be on time
    • Let team members know if you’ll be late or miss a meeting

Project Timeline

The biggest issue we are facing for the final project is processing data from the EPOC headset to meaningful data that can be processed by the arduino.  We will be working with Dr. Ying(?) to work on the signal processing of the brainwave data we are receiving from the headset.

Phase Date Acceptable Good Excellent
Project Completion  5/11 Have reliable two axis control  to demonstrate at  the senior open house. Have well tested two axis control, speed control, and signal processing on the arduino to demonstrate at senior open house. Implement a an algorithm similar to the “Wolpaw” research.
Milestone 1
 4/6  Have an idea about how to process the EPOC signals on the arduino without a going through a PC  Have hardware and software to close to being able to process data directly from the EPOC on the arduino  Have the arduino do all the receiving and processing of the EPOC data.
Goal 2  2/24  Be able to process signals from the Epoc headset with a PC.  Be able to process signals from the Epoc headset on a PC and have at least one axis control using the signals.   Be able to process signals from the Epoc headset on a PC and have at least two axis control using the signals.
Goal 1  1/27  Look into adding a second arduino with bluetooth or wifi as a replacement for the RC vehicle radio control.  Order/have bluetooth or wifi components to connect to the arduino  Have the RC vehicle use bluetooth or wifi instead of the built in RC control.

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