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[Team Alpha] – Final Project Proposal: [The Smart Mailbox]

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Team Members:

  • Said
  • Festus
  • Kathy
  • Stanley


Final Project Proposal

The smart mailbox should get more functions by the end of next Spring, that include sending high resolutions JPG images from inside the mailbox to the user’s e-mail. It is going to abandon the arduino units to more efficient and smaller in size and power consumption alternative (Microcontrollers is  expected to be the substitute). It will also go into the field and the team will imagine every possible situation and scenario that can happen while the project is in use, so that no surprises happen under special conditions.
The project will take further approach to the real market by taking into considerations the cosmetic issues and best ways to make it come in an attractive packaging and design. Safety issues will be taken into consideration during all design and testing processes and any change that is needed will be implemented.

The main goals:

  • Make the device do all functions including sending high resolution JPG image from inside the maibox to the user’s e-mail
  • Make the project more energy efficient.
  • Make the mailbox device comes in a small and easy to install size.

Team Structure

  • Individually: as many as each team member’s schedule allows ( minimum 2 hours)
  • Group: 2x a week, 2 hour/session.

Project Timeline






Project Completion

 April 25

The whole system works under many conditions and many possibilities are took into consideration. The project comes in a small and attractive shape

Everything is working as planned, more than one design are available and all works fine

Everything is working as planned and the multiple designs are tested by real users and they loved it.

Goal 6


Assembling the whole project in a small and marketable slim design

The assembly is done and tests takes place

Assembly is done, tests took place, and all is working great.

Goal 5

3 /23

Doing designs for the whole project to be put in a whole smaller size

 Few designs are done

 Few designs are done and investigated well.

Milestone 2


Testing for the new circuits under the new design are done

testing is completed. Minor issues presented.

 testing is completed. All is ok.

Goal 4


 The new circuits for the new devices are designed

 The new circuits are designed and assembled

 The new circuits are working and doing all functions without problems

Goal 3


Considering all possible alternatives for the arduino units

Having all information about the practical alternatives and how they can be implemented

 Picking one final choice and start working on it.

Milestone 1


  The new functions are working

The new functions works well under many conditions

The new functions are fast and reliable

Goal 2


  Complete consideration and planning for how to deal with the many use of the devices in one day and resetting it.

 Having clear idea about all needed devices and parts to do such functionality

 Working already on assembling all new parts and testing the fucntions

Goal 1


Have an outline of the final product.

Have an outline of the final product, with a list of all needed extra parts

Have  algorithms of codes ready

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