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Samov – Final Project Proposal: The Person Following Shopping Cart

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Team Members:

  • Stephen Janzen
  • Mimosa Nguyen
  • Veena Shyam Krishna

Final Project Proposal

Our final project of this semester will be a shopping cart that follows a person around a store. This includes being able to sense the distance of the person it is following and stay within a following distance.

  • Useful for handicap or persons with disabilities, especially those in a wheelchair
  • Easy to use; just activate a switch to start the following
  • Navigates through aisles without running into obstacles
  • Follows the person a set distance away and not lose track of the person

Team Structure

Everyone will give more input toward the advancing of our goals.
As a team, we will work out problems and stay on the same track. We will plan to meet at least twice a week as a group for 4 hours. Individually, we expect at least an hour from everyone a week. More may need to be required to complete individual tasks assigned.

Project Timeline

Phase Date Acceptable Good Excellent
Project Completion 5/4 Project is complete, but still has bugs that need to be worked out. Final report written. Non-aesthetically appealing. Project is complete, but still has some minimal bugs. Final report written. Project is complete in entirely and works flawlessly, final report completed. Project cosmetically appealing.
Goal 6 4/20 Mostly completed project.
Final report beginning to be written.
Project is complete with the exception of aesthetics. Final report beginning to be written Project in near final shape. Final report beginning to be written.
Goal 5 4/13 Systems not cooperating with each other at all times, some bugs to work out. Systems mostly work together, some bugs to work out All systems working together.
Milestone 2 4/30 Shopping cart tries to turn and runs into the corner Shopping cart turns not so gracefully Shopping cart turns a zero point turn at corners to follow the person without hitting obstacles
Goal 4 3/9 Obstacle avoidance with minor bugs n/a Obstacle  avoidance mostly  implemented into design.
Goal 3 2/31 Turning with bugs Turning with minor bugs Turning fully implemented into design.
Milestone 1 2/24 Shopping cart shows signs of following, but not maintaining following Shopping cart follows a person in a straight line Shopping cart follows a person in a straight line and beginnings of turning implementation
Goal 2 2/10 Detection of person working Detection of person working, and resulting ‘then’ statement Detection of person, with subsequent code to stay within a range of that person.
Goal 1 1/27 Basic idea outlined with many components to work out Constructed plan, but with some unknowns left to figure out Fully constructed plan, including specific parts and example working applications
Goal 0 1/20 Determine possible sensor ideas Narrow sensor ideas down Determine exact sensor

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