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[Team ACRA] – Final Project Proposal: [MyHomeAudio]

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Team Members:

  • Cameron Porter
  • Ryan Brown
  • Ahmed Abdelaziz
  • Andrew Juby

Final Project Proposal

MyHomeAudio final project should consist of the following:

  • Sensor Nodes: 2 or more units.
    • The units will be fully enclosed in a chassis, the dimension will roughly be 3.5” x 3.5” x 1.75” per unit. The unit will be mountable so it could be mounted in a wall or a ceiling
    • The power supply will be an external brick power source that will be small enough in dimension where it can be mounted beside or on top of the sensor node box.
    • A fully functional Java application that will be able to identify clients nearby
  • Server Software:
    • This piece of software the brains of the project or the main software component is intended to be installed in any PC in the home network that will be designated as the MHA server. A media Center PC will be the optimal host, since it has the media/music library for a home
  • Client Application:
    • A fully functional Android based client application that will reside on a mobile device or a tablet pc. This will allow the client to be detected and located , also will give control functions to the user.

Team Structure

Replace this text by updating your answers from earlier in the semester to the following question: As a team, what do you expect from each other? In answering, consider:

  • Ahmed Abdelaziz, write up progress reports, final reports, responsible for all presentation and the business plan (2 – 4 hours per week)
  • Cameron Porter: (Chief Coding Officer) Implementation of the design and managing the coding team( 2 – 4 hours per week)
  • Ryan Brown: Coding and implementation (server side) ( 2 – 4 hours per week)
  • Andrew Juby: Coding and implementation (client side) ( 2 – 4 hours per week)
  • Team: All members contribute to the design aspect of the project. The team plans on meeting once a week for about 1 – 2 hours to manage the progress and modify design as needed.

Project Timeline






Project Completion


Complete Product that works for 2+ nodes and offers support for multiuser.

Complete Product that works for multiple nodes and addresses issues such as multi-user conflict and offers decent precision of identifying the active node

Complete Product with full support for multiple users and precise accuracy for active node, expanded set of features and polished user interface on client application.

Goal 7


Final Report

Final Report with a usability study

Final Report with a usability study and a full business / marketing plan.

Goal 6


No added features

 Expanded Features

 Full set of features that allows the client to have full control and customization of the MHA network

Goal 5


Reduced lag transition and somewhat accurate start and end point of streams (within 5 seconds!)

 No lag and accurate start and end points of stream when switching active nodes.

Seamless and gradual Transition of music streams between different nodes

Goal 4


Multi-user support with basic conflict resolution algorithm

 Multi-user support with enhanced conflict resolution

 Multi-user support with enhanced conflict resolution set and allowing user to dynamically set up new rule sets

Goal 3


 Using simple one dimensional distance to determine the active node

 Using distance as well as predefined rules to determine active node

 Using triangulation or some other form of detecting the closest node within the same room for complete accuracy.

Goal 2


Working prototype for 1 user – not fully completed

Working prototype for  a single user 1 with limited functionalities

 Fully working prototype for a single user a time with full control features.

Goal 1


Utilizing Same feature set as PT II

Expand on design of feature set from PTII.

Expand on design o feature set from PTII and allocate a more cost effective hardware platform for the nodes (that will accommodate written modules)



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