Welcome to Wichita State University’s EE Senior Design Fall 2011/Spring 2012 class blog. EE Senior Design is a two-hour two-semester course specifically designed for College of Engineering seniors in their last year at Wichita State University. In the course, students in interdisciplinary teams of typically 4 students create a product or improve an existing prodct.

All class assignments will go on this class blog. EE Senior Design also runs a forum for chatter of all types and sizes.

For Second semester, students have divided into teams for their final projects. Each team maintains its own blog. During the semester, the blogs help to facilitate communication and collaboration. At the end of the semester, the blog will be the team’s final report.

Set Team Members Description
A Door Text Checker Jordan Castillo, Matt Price, Todd Thimmesch An easy-to set-up security system for monitoring and opening doors or whatever else you can think of.
A Smart Mailbox Said Alyami, Kathy Ta, Festus Okoth. Send email when new snail mail arrives. Send a color picture of the snail mail.
A Wheelchair Obstacle Avoidance Pravin Maharjan, Suman Gautam, Dipendra Khatiwada, Santosh Shrestha A collision avoidance system for powered wheelchairs
B Smart Sensor Glove Phuong Nguyen, Giang Tran, Haymar Hlaing, Haider Ali Malhi Wireless controller glove.
B Smart Shopping Cart

Mimosa Nguyen, Stephen Janzen, Taylore Eisenhauer, Veena Shyam Krishna

Shopping cart follows you autonomously as you shop.
C MIDI Tap Shoes Joe Vargas, Patrick Afrifah, Aaron Wirtz A pair of durable, responsive, reliable electronic dance shoes that can be used in a multitude of environments.

Kevin Elledge, Braden Schoenthaler, Farman Khan, David Nguyen

Provide a cyclist their instantaneous power output on top of the traditional speed, distance, and time.
My Home Audio Ahmed Abdelaziz, Cameron Porter, Ryan Brown Have your favorite music follow you, wherever you go.
D Washing Machine Auto Balancer

James Davis, Polina Osipova, Ravi Wijeseker

A comparatively cheap active system that allows to significantly decrease the vibration of the drum on any washing machine.
D Mind-controlled RC Car

Eric Berman, Kalyn Kovac, Bruno Umeadi

Control an R/C vehicle using an EEG head headset and an Arduino micro-controller.
D Smart Steering Wheel

Mitchel DeWild, Christopher L Cenatiempo, Dave Djobo

Alert a driver when they fall asleep at the wheel of their vehicle.
E Light Fixture Diagnostic System

Bart Voegeli, Eric Nyaga, Guner Yilmaz, Shaun Golden

Determines cause of failure in street lights.
E LaundryMates

Jason Hennessy, Jo Palmer, Lucas Burson, Shawn Westervelt

Retrofit any laundry appliance to notify you via text when your laundry is done.


Take a look around, then let us know what you think!

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