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Tyler Tyson


In Assembly Language Programming Class.  Hope to finish soon so I can go fishing instead of school.

Alex Martin

Hello, my name is Alex Martin. Let’s start off with a terribly blurry picture of me. 

my face

Wasn’t that lovely? Now, about me. I like to play videogames on my computer or one of my various consoles (I’m just short of a plethora). In addition I also enjoy maintaining and optimizing my PC, it’s kind of a wierd hobby. My favorite hobbies are cooking and baking. I hope to go to culinary school because it turns out that engineering is kind of lame (even though I enjoy it sometimes).

Suong Pham


My name is Suong Pham and an oldness student. I was lose my country and should be came America Because My father who had an officer Army. I was fint the way in the America’s Life with had not younger. I need help so much that I was not want do when I lived my country. Right now, I have three boys at high school and my husband work at the Aircarft Cessna Company. Everyday, I learn to hard and So try to try Because almost are new for me, I will convey my knowledge for my kids become usefull almost render thanks America keep up.
I am student of the ECE BUILDING.
Can you GIVE ME EMAIL. My Email:

Daniel Schossow


My name is Daniel Schossow. I am an electrical engineering major, currently taking ECE 238. My email is

Ben Burrus


 My Name is Ben Burrus. I am a freshman at Wichita State. My major is computer engineering and I am a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraturnity. I like outdoor sports and country music.

My E-mail is


Mihingu Perera Wahappulige

Hi everyone,

I’m Mihingu Perera. im from Sri lanka. My major is computer engineering and im doing Assembly language this semester.


Matt Hart


I’m in the Assembly Language class and a Senior in Electrical Engineering. I’ll be graduating this May and probably getting a job locally.

 My email is

Abhishek Shah


Hi, My name is Abhishek Shah, I am studying Assembly language ECE 238 under a computer engineering major. I enjoy programming and I have done a 2 year project dossier project back in High school as a part of my IB diploma. I enjoy music and I love playing the bass, with which I have 2 years of practice. I’m from Singapore, and I also enjoy computer games a lot, the ones I currently play are World of Warcraft, Supreme Commander, Call of Duty 4 and am about to finish Assasin’s Creed. If you also have a WoW account and wish to contact me, just email me at

Tien Vo

Hi, my name is Tien Vo. (email

I dont know much about Assembly Language Programming.

I am kind of lazy. There is not much intersting about me.

You get a crappy scan pic of my driver ID muhahahauntitled.gif

August Ritchie

My name is August Ritchie and I am a sophomore CE. I think I am the youngest in the class, and I am pretty much a newb at this. I work at Cisco Systems on campus. Email is Below is a picture of me typing this by some guy that walked into my dorm.