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Tyler Tyson end loop

Just a few more things I’m working on, Thanks, ty.

Sprite tile file: copsandrobberssprites.z80

 Gameboy GB File:

Modified Easy Score: easyscore.asm

Modified Big Sprite: bigsprite3.asm

Cops and Robbers INC File:

ASM File: copsver13.asm

Angela McColm

Thanks Tyler.






Josh Johnson MiniGolf,mgbuilding10.asm,I need some help with this. I’m trying to assemble and get PC value must be 8-bit errors. I remove the check for collision sections and it assembles, runs, then crashes after title screen. I also have to remove the score lines to make it work otherwise.

latest zip

here it is


and more recent below

more recent

Josh Johnson MiniGolf update

I’ve been working on this and can’t figure any method of getting my ball to bounce off walls and head into opposite direction.  Do I need to rewrite my ball movement code in order to do this?  Or is the code I have commented out not correct?  I also have 5 errors when trying to use easyScore.asm.  I try removing then I get two errors.  Please help I have provided a copy of my assembly code mgbuilding6.asm, and the binary code is unavailable till I fix problems.  But there is assembly and binary code before I tried entering in score keeping.(mgbuilding7.asm,

Adam Wiebe-Hello-Project

Well after today here is what I have. I am pretty much done. All that is left is getting my title screen loaded and to figure out why it freezes when I load in 2 more enemy(commenting out anything to do with enemy 3 & 4 will allow the game to run properly) sprites, these shouldn’t be terrible troubles. I also feel so much better now than I did when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for my project through Phase I. Well if anyone has any suggestions of how I can fix my minor 2 problems let me know.

All files need to run my game (sort of):

Alright I fixed my sprite problem here’s my updated code:

Seng Cheong Lam

i’ve got everything working on the gameboy and got the score board running.


Alex Siemer – Skier

The game is functional but needs just the little tweeks to make it look and sound better.  Here is the source and binary.

Daniel Schossow

Here is my gb file and my code.


I just read John’s post, and realized i needed to clarify some things. Above is the workable gb file and .asm to go along with it. Below is the zip folder that holds all of the music and stuff I have to put into the game. The music has been converted, and everything, it is just a matter of getting it to work in syntax. So in response to John’s post. There will be different sound, and music and things. I just need to have Tommie gaze at it on Wed.

AndrewStanton Tile and Map files

Here are my latest tile designs and my map.

Map1 Map Designer

Tiles Tile Designer

Including my most recent files in a .rar

Compressed Files