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Alex Martin – Project Proposal detailed

My project proposal last time was unintentionally vague, but I now have a much better idea of what I’m doing. My idea is now to design a two-player, two-dimensional fighting game that will use the gameboy’s link cable to allow two players to use two gameboys at once. Both players will have the ability to use high and low attacks, high and low blocks, as well as a few other attacks that I may design in the future. I can’t think of anything more than that to go into, actually

Greg Nordyke

This is my project proposal. I’m awful; I came up with this idea weeks ago, but now, very late, I turn in my proposal. I had it outlined on my phone, for what it’s worth. I have no good excuse for being absurdly late, so let me just vaguely say that a lot of stuff’s been going on in my life. I have hope that this will get accepted because I’d very much like to not fail the class. I know that turning it in so late makes me look bad, but better than not doing anything, right?

I don’t recall seeing anyone else come up with this: following the theme of arcade classics, it’s Breakout. The details are in the doc file (which is really an rtf).

Project proposal – Greg Nordyke

Matt Hart – Defender Clone

For my project, I would like to do a game similar to the arcade classic Defender. I would have a single user controled ship centered on the screen that can move higher/lower and change direction. The background would scroll with the left/right directional pad to give a feeling of movement. The idea of the game is to stop nuclear bombs from hitting the surface by shooting them out of the sky. Any bomb that reaches the bottom of the screen would end the game. The shooting mechanism will look similar to the Space Invaders Hello Sprite program (mostly because I plan on a copy/paste with a little modification).

Creating the sprites for the ship, bombs, and background will be simple enough with the tools provided to the class. The background will wrap for an apparent 360 deg world. The code be broken up into ship movement and firing, bomb movement, bomb dying, and gameover. If I pull all of that together I’d also hope to slightly increase the rate of bombs dropping (say after every 50 bombs shot down).  I’d also like to save the high score for bragging rights. I’ll have to become more familiar with how the buttons work because I’m still a little shaky on that. Also, I’ll have to find out how to make a window to display the score and how to update the info in that window when points are scored. Then there’s always the question of how I get a laser sprite to kill a bomb sprite.

  • Before the end of Spring Break (by March 23rd), I’d like to have the sprites and background created and programmed into the game.
  • By April 1st, I want to have the ship “moving” with the background and firing. At the same time, I want the bombs falling and scrolling as the ship moves the background.
  • By April 14th, PHASE I, the lasers shot from the ship need to be able to kill the bombs properly and a GAME OVER screen should be displayed if a bomb reaches the bottom.
  • On April 21st, I should have a window that properly tracks score.
  •  By April 28th, PHASE II, I will have ship firing, bomb dying, and game over sound incorporated.
  • On May 6th, the game will be bug free and ready to go.

I will post to the class blog at each milestone.

Project Proposal — Justin Bollig

Well, I have been in River Falls, WI helping my brother move since Friday and I thought I would have access to a computer during that time, but I didn’t so thats that and here is my project proposal. 

 I intend to write a game based upon the old school “Asteroids” program where random asteroids float about and the player is a little spacecraft trying not to get hit by the asteroids  For my version to make the game simpler, I plan on all my asteroids being one size and I don’t intend on having any asteroids split apart into smaller asteroids when they are hit with a bullet from the spacecraft.  I also don’t intend on having multiple levels unless I get everything else done first.  If I do, then I may throw in multiple speeds on the asteroids.

The ship (8×16 sprite? created with GBTD) movement will be capable of up/down/left/right/diagonal with a “bullet” (created with GBTD) that has the same flight directions.  The asteroids (8×8 sprites? created with GBTD) will be generated at the edge of the screen randomly then float across the screen in a linear path.  If the asteroid and the bullet share similar x, y coordinates then they both will disappear and the player score will increase.  If the asteroid and the spacecraft share similar x, y coordinates, then a player life will be lost.  I will probably limit the amount of asteroids at any give time to be from 1 to 3 depending on complexity.  The spacecraft will have sound effects for movement and bullet firing.

My difficulties will be the random generating of asteroids and flight direction, bullet characteristics, and spacecraft movement relative to the asteroids/bullet.  I also have yet to conquer sound coding.

 My milestones are as follows:

March 24th:
All sprites created in GBTD and coded to load in memory
Spacecraft movement coded
Single asteroid random generation and flight path coded

March 31st:
Breakdown because I will have flunked another Linear algebra exam
Sound effects added for ship movement

April 7th:
Firing of the bullet with sound coded

April 14th:
Asteroid/Bullet collision detection coded

April 21st:
Score keeping and number of lives available added to window

April 28th:
Multiple asteroid random generation and flight path coded — if possible

April 28th – May 9th:
Recovery date for any past deadlines and minor tweaking of code as opportunities for improvement arise

May 9th:
Display finished project and hope it doesn’t suck

All code will be uploaded to the blog as each deadline arives.

My milestones are extremely top heavy, but if I don’t get most of it done over spring break, then I’ll be far behind at the end due to work and other classes occupying much of my time.

 Wish me luck.

Alec Jahn – Project Proposal

I apologize for being quite late on this, but I have been doing a lot of thinking!  Also, I noticed Clint and Jeremy are doing a very similar project.  I love their idea with sprites and such, but I don’t think that should be my focus for the project.  Just for the record, I’m not deliberately ripping off their ideas!

It might seem a little simple, but here’s my idea:

I’m wanting to make a gameboy synthesizer (think electric keyboard instrument).  I’m sure it has been done before, but I’d feel much better using my own creation than someone else’s.


Some ideas:

-I plan on doing only major notes, no sharps or flats.  This is simply because there’s just not enough buttons on the gameboy to do a full octive.  So, that’s eight notes – but there’s only eight buttons on the Gameboy!  That’s the next idea:
-The directional buttons will be used to play tones.  There will be one tone per directional button (four notes) and then upon holding either the A or B button, the other four will be unlocked.  It might make it a little awkward to perform on, but will save the select and start buttons for other functions:
-Hopefully I can make the select and start buttons change parameters about the sound.  Volume will be maximum at all times, so that’s not necessary.  I’ll probably make them toggle on and off between two different types of sound, or if I can figure it out, maybe each button press will scroll through a “list” of different parameter settings to get more functionality out of each button.
-I’ll probably make a couple of these programs.  I can think of a second one that will perhaps do percussion samples (using the noise “voice” of the audio hardware) or other miscelaneous sounds. 

I hope within a couple weeks (March 24th)I can have a basic setup that will at least play the correct tones for each button.  I haven’t 100% figured out which notes I want on which direction, but I’m thinking perhaps there could be a simple poliphony with the first two voices, utilizing them in conjunction with properly picked buttons to do simple two-note harmony.  For example, if I put the note C on UP on the d-pad, and E on RIGHT, maybe I can hold UP and RIGHT (the diagonal) and play both notes?  It seems simple, in theory, unless there are some limitations in the hardware or coding process.
Next, (April 11th?) I need to make the toggle buttons make their changes to the sound.  I’m thinking this might take awhile, first to get the toggling to work and also to get the parameters to change properly.  Maybe it’ll be easier than I think?
I’ll also need perhaps an interface or at least a little background with proper instructions.  I’ll do this last, as it seems quite elementary and shouldn’t take long.

Can’t wait to get started!

Term Project Proposal – Alex Martin

I’m wearing sunglasses as I type this entry because I have realized that I’m the man. My project? Beat-em-up. That’s right, we’re talking River City Ransom beat-em-up. We’re talking Double Dragon beat-em-up.

Yeah that’s pretty much where I’m at right now. There’s not really much too it. It’s a pure-gameplay kind of deal, and the gameplay extends to the depth of beating the hell out of everything that lives. From a design standpoint all I have is that I want this game to be actually playable, and hopefully enjoyable, so I don’t plan on doing anything terribly complex.

Here’s some kind of timeline that has yet to pass.

March 17. By this day I need to have figured out what’s going on. Hopefully I’ll have characters, enemies, and mechanics drawn up enough that I can begin actually working.

March 31. Sprites made, backgrounds started, code overview started.

April 7. Backgrounds finished. Sounds started. Start writing actual code.

April 28. Code finished. Game is excellent. Everyone in the class gives me twelve dollars.

That’s the rough plan right now, and by rough I mean that this is probably nowhere near how I’ll actually get things done.

ThaoVan Tran – Project Proposal

Hi Class,

The King’s Message. The fun side of traveling from one destination to another to deliver the King’s message safety!


ThaoVan Tran

Project Proposal – Alex Siemer

I wish this game was finished now so I can play.


Angela McColm – Project Proposal: Tile It!

Here is my project proposal. It is essentially a sliding tile game.


Seng Cheong Lam

Rough Project Proposal
This is a rough proposal for now. I’m going to try to make a dodgeball game in the first shooter view. However, it is going to be ONE on ONE. I am going to call this game “Chopping”.

How the game works :

- Press A to shoot the ball. Ball will come out only from the middle of the screen. If it hits the opponent, you win.
- Move arrows to dodge the ball thrown at you.
- Press B at the correct moment to catch a ball thrown at you. If done correctly, you win.
- Hold down A and B together to jump.
- There will be unlimited balls, therefore no need to pick up balls. However, you can only shoot every 2 secs after your
  first shot.

This is just my rough idea. However, I still have think on how to make this work.