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Matt Hart – Phase I update

After some well-spent time in the CRATEL office, I’ve got it all working.  ship2.asm sky1.z80 ship.z80

FYI, the uploader changed the file names. If you’re going to compile the files, delete the numbers from the file names.

Phase I – Greg Nordyke

Posting this from my phone…

I’ve had computer/Internet trouble lately, so I haven’t been able to upload my phase 1 code. I’ll edit this post later once I get that figured out.

Phase 1 – August Ritchie

Epic fail… I got the sprite correction to work as well as the reverse controls. I’m currently working on random sprite generation, then collision detection, then sprite position AFTER collision detection… It seems what I thought would be an easy task has turned into a mess… I am trying though… – This works

project.asm – This does not

Corey Rink – “Project Phase I”

Well, this is proving to be a challenge….The milestones I had planned to complete by this time were to have all sprites and backgrounds defined and complete.  I also wanted to have all of  my sprite movement complete.  Currently I am trying to implement a routine to randomly place sprites.  Although I did get all my sprites and background made, I am still working on movement.  Also, I am having issues converting my code to use BigSprite (for collision).  So much still to do….collision, scoring, random sprite generation…….so little time left.

Anyways, here are the goods:

Source:  itw-123.asm


Tiles:  itwtiles.z80

TileMap:  itwmapdemo.z80

Seng Cheong Lam

Here is what i have done so far. I have changed from the dodgeball game to a game called Jetman.

One of the biggest problems i am facing right now is to use the random generator to keep randomly putting up my “blocks” on the map so that everytime when the player presses start at the beginning of the game, the obstacles always changes. That way, I will have almost an infinite number of levels.

Eventually, i will have :-

1) Background music and some sound effects (thinking superman song)

2) Score

3) Maybe a window for lives.

 Here are my files so far :


Phase 1 – William Livengood

By this time I wanted to have some basic noise functions working, and have background collision detection working.  I was able to get both of these working.

Getting background collision detection working took a while longer then I originally thought.  It ended up being a bit bulkier then I wanted, but I think it will be better in the long run. 

One problem I ran into while working on my code was getting to a point to where I had messed my code up so much that nothing worked.  I did not have any way to undo all my changes, so I started keeping “nightly builds.”  I save my work at the end of each day in a file with a date, and the code I’m working on is called _inprogress.  This way if I mess _inprogress up, I can always reload the file from a previously working file.


I still need to figure out why my background collision detection does not work on the GameBoy like it does on the emulator.  John has given me several things to try.

These should be all the files needed.  If not let me know what is missing.

Binary file: Game-bin-as_of-4-13-04

Source file: Game-source-as_of-4-13-08 Game-include-file

Background: Test-background-1

Tiles: Test-tiles-1

Not sure if I actually use this or not… :Edited-ibmpc-file

Matt Hart

I think my Phase I deadline was a little ambious, but I also hit a wall with my background that set me back. I’ve fixed the background but I haven’t incorporated a game over screen or collision detection. Also, I’m having major trouble with macros. On the brightside, everything else works. Bug #1: the movement speed of the bullets change as the ship moves. Here’s what I’ve got though.

[ Source Code  Include  Sprites  Background ] - [ GB file ]

Adam Wiebe Phase 1

Well at first, I wasn’t to sure on how I wanted to make my game so it’s come a long way from what I have originally planed.  I am still not where I was wanting to be but I think I am getting really close to be where I want to be. Here are all the files needed for my game, I know it’s messy but, cleaning it up is the last thing on my list.

Final Game






Thus far my sprite is centered in the middle of the screen for the most part.  I have also been trying to implement my reduced screen, so right now you will see that when the sprite moves, black tiles will be created on the left and the right.  This feature might need some major overhauls, as currently what I plan might not work out.  I am likely to use some windows to cover the top and bottom.  John wants me to do a bigger map instead of reduced screen.  So we will see.

I have a map loaded.  I need to implement collision detection still.

I am not quite where I planned to be on my proposal, but that was naive anyways.

Here is my code.

Project Code
Project .GB file

Project Phase 1 – Alex Siemer

Needs a lot of work still but here is the masterpiece so far.