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Project Phase 1 – Alec Jahn

Well, I finally worked out the stupid little bugs (remembering William’s tile problems helped, because I had the same issue).

So here it is – the current version of my GB Synthesizer.

Ready to play:

Source .asm:

Josh Johnson Project Lab

I plan to have my project caught up to speed since my computer recently crashed and was unable to complete any work.  Also I plan to further implement the collision detection to react with the course hole.

Matt Hart

For the first lab day, April 7th, I absolutely must get my background displaying properly and moving with the arrow keys.

 For the second day, April 9th, the ship needs to fire and collision detection with a bomb and laser needs to work. I’ll try it stationary first but if it’s done right then when the bombs move it’ll be fine.

Alex Martin – Project Lab

The main thing that I need to go over is the capabilities and implementation of the gameboy’s link cable.


During the labs I would like to develop the main look of my coding, including the various sections and functions that will handle the different aspects of ‘Dungeon Crawler’.

Next I would like to develop my sprite movement and screen design. Here we will be reducing the player’s viewable map into 7×7 tiles instead of a viewable 20×18. We will also make it so that the viewable area is centered on the sprite with 3 tiles on all sides of him.

I hope to begin implementing the collision detection with the background.

If all of this is accomplished I should be able to load in a sprite, a dungeon, and have the sprite traverse the dungeon with the limitation of only walking on blank tiles.

Korey Kemnitz

During the lab time this week, I hope to be able to create a function used to calculate the speed which in turn can set the audio output frequency and the speed at which the background is moved or updated.

Project Lab Adam Wiebe

I’m trying to get my window to work, so I want to get a few things done.  Score, timer, and collision detection.  I also want my sprite to stay stationary but the background to scroll when the left or right button is pressed.

Project Lab – Alex Siemer

During the lab I will be asking for help with the scrolling background and I need to find a way to get the main sprite to interact with either the background trees or create the trees as sprites with collision detection.  I also need help with noise and sound effects.

Lab Time – Jonathon Burris

I would like to spend the next two class periods, tying in my sprite designs to the big sprite program and adjust accordingly to get the framework of my game working. And perhaps get a window working for some sort of scoring method.

Project Lab – Angela McColm

For the lab this week, I would like some assistance with the picture creator you suggested for my project. (Advanced PCX2GB: