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William Livengood – Lab week 2

I think I have most of my “necessary” code finished.  I am going to start working on the “extra” stuff.  This includes getting an actual sprite, not a box, making the sprite face the right direction, etc.  Basically, I will be working on the niceties of the game.


I am working on the collision detection and making the game more functional.  Like moving through the levels.

Thomas – Lab2

I didn’t make a post about this lab on time and I apologize.

I will be using this lab time to clean code and try to stop the game from creating errors. I might touch the graphics too if I have time.

I would also use the time to teach an apprentice game boy music music writer how to use my music players. If anyone feels like approaching me on this.

Here is a version of my game that has the debugging back on. I am in the lab now and have played the game over 100 times and haven’t gotten the error I got in class for phase 1. Was my game just looking for attention? I have no idea. If anybody wants to try to help me beta test this and find a trend try to get it to bug out and then take a screen shot.

Matt Hart – Project Lab II

This week, I have to incorporate sound when the ship fires, bombs die, and game is over. Also I need a window at the top of the screen that displays the score. Compared to the objectives I set for phase I, this should be a breeze. *cross fingers*

Project Lab II – Greg Nordyke

Incredibly, my other classes have kept me away from the (any) computer for the last week. I didn’t get the collision detection/deflection figured out for Phase I like I wanted, so I’m going to spend at least the next couple days on that.

What i Plan do to in the Lab

What i plan to do is simple, get the interrupt timings working fully and figure out why it will not display the LevelChange text twice

project phase 2 tyler tyson

I plan on using the time in the lab for phase 2 trying to figure out the random generator, and perhaps coming up with a way to post a score, I don’t know if the score will be easier using some form of increment, or if there is a simpler way.  tyler.

Project lab II Josh Johnson

This is late, sorry.  I was at the hospital all day Sunday.  My sister-in-law was having her baby.  Born at 11:25 p.m I didn’t get home til late and went to bed to get up for work.

Anyways I plan on getting my functions complete for the ball movement.  Strength of shot which I’ll use either a distance formula or button depression timing, direction in relation to target and reaction with obstacles where collision detection will be used.  These tasks are my Phase II goals.

Project Lab 2 – Alec Jahn

I’ll hopefully be implimenting some new ideas on my synthesizer project.  I need to remember to work out whether I can change background tilesets in the middle of the program (just a self-reminder) (so that I can have text sometimes and a full background other times).  I plan to work on at least a drum sequence for the user to chose, or if I feel ambitious some sort of timing-based game (maybe guitar hero or DDR-like game, maybe using the random function for notes?  That’d be a lot of work, getting timing down perfect as well as the collision detection and scoring that goes with it.  We’ll see.

ThaoVan and Tharindu – Lab II

We want to work on the functions for the coins and ship’s health. If we have time, we can work on the function for the timing. For this lab II, we need to focus on the functions.