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Alex Martin – Hello Sprite

Here’s my finally-working version of hello sprite. It’s a lot less extravagant than I had originally planned, but I’m glad to have turned in something that resembles what I wanted to do. The program allows you to control a metroid sprite with the directional buttons, moving him around the window. The fun starts when the A button (spacebar on the keyboard) is pressed. When the A button is pressed, the metroid puts on a little hat, and begins to look like a very distinguished gentleman. If the B button (tab on the keyboard) is pushed, the hat is removed, making the metroid look that much more the scoundrel.

The code works simply. I modified John Harrison’s code to allow ten sprites to be moved at once. The hat sprite loads in a location offscreen, but will not come onscreen unless the A button is pushed. If the A button is pushed, the hat’s location is edited to be just above the metroid, if the B button is pressed, the hat is moved back offscreen, and the metroid and hat continue to move harmoniously.

My original idea was to have the hat onscreen when the game loaded, and have the hat only be picked up when the metroid was overlapping and the A button was pushed. To implement this, I had created an enormous macro that would check to see if any of the y-values of the metroid’s sprites were equal to any of the hat’s sprites. If so, then it checked if any of the x-values of the metroid’s sprites were equal to any of the hat’s x-values. The problem was that when I ran the code, hitting the A button would pick up the hat, regardless of where it was. Also it leaked memory. A lot. For some reason, every time the A button would be used, the program counter and stack pointer decided to go nuts, which I couldn’t figure out for the life of me.

That’s what happened all evening on Sunday. I spent most of the day on Monday and Tuesday trying to fix the code and desperatly hoping that I would somehow find a solution that would make up for my tardiness. Alas, it was not to be, and I decided on Tuesday to cut my losses and turn in what you see here.

But enough talk, have at you!



Abhishek Shah- Turtle and Hare Race

I was trying to depict the classic turtle and hare folktale but I think I am missing something important. I managed to get 2 sprites in (one of the turtle and one of the hare) and also managed to slow down the turtle so the hare goes faster. But the problem I am having is that only one of the two sprites is actually moving (the turtle) while the hare just remains stagnant. I was trying to make them start race simultaneously by pressing the arrow keys but evidently my code is lacking something :(

Source File

Gameboy File

Alex Martin – Hello… Nothing?

My idea was to make a sprite of a metroid and allow input to move the sprite around the window and allow another button input make the metroid do something silly like put on a hat or something. However, in a characteristic display of ineptitude I somehow managed to ruin all of my code, leaving myself with nothing but a cute metroid sprite. For now I’ll just upload the metroid sprite (I’m pretty proud of it), and finish the code later.

Anyone who wants a metroid is welcome to this one. It’s a .gbr file (the format that the tile editor saves as).

 Edit: I’ve made a second metroid. I prefer the second, but you can use either.

cute little metroid

the cutest little metroid there ever was


Alec Jahn – Hello Sprite

It’s late. Enough of this! Originally I just wanted a little jet sprite that you could fly around the window size while a background moves.

After having trouble making a background (way too much effort for the time being) and many many revisions of the same dumb program, I was almost there.

For some reason, my sprite (jet) constantly travels to the right (and doesnt stop at the edge) as the text background scrolls to the left (BG is supposed to scroll automatically).

You can control the Y-axis movement but nothing in the X.  You can also fly upside down (DO A BARELL ROLL!)

Not sure what I did wrong, as it was all working fine prior to the work on the background. 

 It should require and the files below to compile.  Maybe.



I don’t even know what’s going on right now.

Mihingu Perera

Hi, I’m Mihingu Perera. This is my assignment..


Angela McColm – Hello Sprite

Moved title location, limited sprite movement, changed sprite character and changed speed.


ThaoVan Tran

Hi Class,

Thanks to John Harrison’s hello-sprite-good-delay. I created a boat and some big rocks. By controlling the arrow keys, the boat can move. A lot of things to learn!


Kind Regards,
ThaoVan Tran

Hello Sprite-Alex Siemer

here is the updated code and the z80 files



Justin Bollig – Hello Sprite

Bigger is better right?  So I took the hello-sprite with interrupts and modified it for a 32 x 32 sprite consisting of 8 8×16 tiles created in GBTD.  I had to modify the movement code so all the tiles would float around the screen as one sprite.  Initially I had hoped that my powercat logo sprite would be able to catch and eat a KU logo, but I ran out of time for that….maybe next time.  Everything worked great until I somehow messed up my code when adding comments.  The good news is that I did make a .gb file prior to the commenting. I use,,, and powercat.z80



Slow Arrow: Tyler Tyson

the-sprite16a.asm (added comments)


Well, here’s my sprite.  I went with the arrow theme (thanks for sharing the idea Tommy), and I even slowed down the arrow.  I tried a variety of ways to slow the arrow, but never got the exact speed I wanted, therefore I just used the same method Maurice used.  I thought it would be a good idea to have moving objects that you have to catch (moving at random, faster than the arrow).  But that part will have to wait, the arrow itself was a challenge for me.  Try toggling the arrow and see what happens…. Nothing spectacular, but I added other characters besides the arrows on the start up and toggle phase.