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Hello World Assignment


Finally i can post!! well it seems like nothing now that we covered it but here is my assignment


I pretty much made a kind of dungeon that the screen would load (SC1 helped with its monochrome text).  Then I used William Livengood’s code to make it move.  I have not yet been able to find out how to make it move the desired spaces I would like it too.

I would like it to go down until it reaches block 32 at the bottom, and then go right until it reaches block 32 on the right.  And then I would like it to go up.  I will try to incorporate this into the Hello Sprite probably.



August Ritchie – Hello World Revision 2

New Kirby, but this time he dances. I learned how loops work. It looks like there is a set limit to how much you can have in a loop. But anyways, He dances and at half-way through he kicks it into overtime.

Kirby Dance .asm File

Kirby Dance .gb File

Alex Siemer – Hello GameBoy

I modified Clint’s code to get the word to scroll diagonally.  Then I added a an overlapping word that took a bit of work to get it just right.


Tien Vo

Program use delays and clear screen. >.>

<.< I’m not good with thinking of a good idea so …… yeah.

helloworld asm

helloworld gb

Mihingu Perera

Hi I’m Mihingu Perera. This is my “HELLO WORLD” game boy code.


Justin Bollig

Here is my “Hello World” Gameboy code.  My program changes the window pallet to obtain a flashing effect of the “Hello World” text.  Prior to flashing the text, I run the window background through the four colors (shades of grey) available.  I borrowed the heart of the code from John Harrison, and borrowed the delay loop from bburrus.asm.


Daniel Schossow

So my project is pretty simple, but Tommy inspired me with the multi language gameboy.



Seng Cheong, Lam.

My program starts of with a simple Hello World greeting and then a big “HI” jumping up and down for a while and ends with a “Bye World” statement.


Josh Johnson Hello Gameboy


Here is my very simplistic Hello Gameboy assignment.  Credit to Prof. John.  Starts with Helloworld! then a clear screen then a phrase I put in.