Final project – William Livengood

This ‘A – Mazeing’ game is a maze game that requires the player to navigate a bi-level maze to reach the exit.  The player must moves between levels via a series of ‘up’ and ‘down’ squares.  To go up or down, the player must be on an appropriate square and then press the A button to change levels.  This is repeated until the player reaches the end.  The game is timed to keep track of how long it takes the player.



 “Standard” – Standard hardware definitions from – ASCII character set from

memory.asm – Standard memory functions and definitions.

 John’s – Standard definitions developed by – Hardware defs for sound.

easyScore.asm – An easy way to keep score.  I changed “Score” to “Time” and the background tile.

 My – My definitions and macros.game_map_1.z80 – Map onegame_map_2.z80 – Map two

game_tiles_1.z80 – My tiles

Final-game.asm – Source code for the game   – binary game file

00-README.txt – this file

  Final Game zip package  


This class was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot!

Going back over my code, it does not seem like that much now that I know what it all does, but I guess that is the way most things are.  I wish I had more time to go back to change and add more stuff.  I think I can do some of the things better.  Unfortunately, we only had one semester to learn and write the code.


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