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Project Phase 2-Adam Wiebe

I am a little further than from phase 1 all the pieces are coming together. I’ve inserted a random seed that is going to randomize my enemy sprites. I am not quite sure how I am going to use it to create my sprites and use it to keep re spawning them until the user dies. I am still stumped by the shooting, I have at least got the bullet to scroll across the screen and that’s about it.

Corey Rink – “Project Phase II”

Well according to my carefully laid out plan, I was to have a complete working game by this point in time, but alas, it is not.  However, it is quite amazing what can be accomplished in one week (reference: WIRED III).  The only thing I really have left is to code random sprite generation using flags…..not exactly sure how yet, but that is what needs done.  I would also like to get the score window at the top instead of the bottom.  There is also a some tweaking such as display window limits due to score window addition and various timing adjustments as well as fixing game over routine.

Matt Hart – Phase II

I’ve got everything working except the blasted window. I’m just not updating it properly evidently. Once I get that, I’ll just add a few more sprites to make the game more fun and then we should be good to go.


I got it working after I incorporated John’s “easyScore.asm”. Improved Ship Folder

Project Phase 2 – Alec Jahn

A.K.A. “Project Phase 1.15″ for me.

 We’ll see if I get stuff figured out this after noon, and also if I go today or on Wednesday.  I have tried to add more “functionality” to my synthesizer, (for now, sprites) but things haven’t been going so well.

Term project Phase II — William Livengood

I think I am better then on track.  I think I have all of my mechanics working for my game, I may just add more frill.  I need to implement the actual maze for one.  I have it drawn out, I just need to implement it in the map designer and include it in my file.  Andrew has given me some more ideas to try and make it a little bit more “3-D,” but I’m not sure if I’m going to fully implement them or not…  I would have to redraw and rebuild my maze. I am thinking of adding an intro screen, maybe set up some difficulty settings, etc.  

Game asm as of 4-28-08

Game inc as of 4-28-08 

Game bin as of 4-28-08

 Tiles as of 4-28-08

Map as of 4-28-08  

Project Phase II – Angela McColm

Here’s my updated code. I was able to get the tiles to move properly with help from John. There are quite a few things that need to be done for the finished product, but I believe I am on track to finish.







Alex Siemer – Project Phase II

So far so good.  I’ve overcome the big sprite problems and only had to spend a little time with the random code.  It needs a lot of work adding more and fixing the little bugs.  I still need to fix the sound volume.  Its at max but still plays too soft.  While fixing that I need a sound for the collision and a window with a timer.



I think I have made considerable progress since Project Phase I. To answer the specific questions, I will start by saying that in my initial proposal I said I proposed to perhaps be done at this point, but alas I say I am not, and have quite a bit more to do. However, what I have achieved is really good and I know I am a lot more confident in my programming and I am excited to be working on all of the things. I will definitely be spending a lot of time on the project over the next week, as I really enjoy the coding. I have with the help of Willie gotten my collision detection fully working. I have given functionality for other sprites to have bidirectional movement back and forth, and it is easy to implement via the macros I have created. Though I will be implementing a couple more changes into the code. I have also achieved increasing the vision for my game, and the content, and I believe I can accomplish those things. I will be giving a perspective from the viewer of the map, which in visual accuracy will allow some of the sprite to cover the background. I will definitely add music and some sounds. I will hopefully add story elements/directives.

Oh difficulties. Well once I got collision detection working, I began to really grasp the code. So I started working on creating the enemy sprites and doing it easily, because I would like to implement about 10-20 enemy sprites into one or two of my maps. I started noticing that the sprite’s position is based off of the screen. So I just started coding to get a sprite to walk back and forth while the screen was in the same position. Then I simply noticed all I had to do was counter the screens movement by moving the sprite the opposite direction, whenever I move the screen (which is only in instances of movement left,right,up,down of my main sprite), and then the bot sprite will stay exactly where I want him. Then I implemented the code into macros, which did not take too long, but it was my first time making them, and I had one difficulty with implementing an argument, but I was just making a silly mistake and it worked.

So I will be working on all the things that I visionereed previously and perhaps more.

Here are my codies and binaries

Project Assembly Code
Project Definitions .inc file
My gbhw
My ibmc1
Gameboy Binary (my game!)

In my game right now you will notice 2 sprites moving back and forth. I can easily set the distance they move and they can either move starting Left to Right or Top to Bottom. I have not yet implemented the consequence of running into them. But I will be working on that and getting this to run on a real gameboy in between now and when I present!

ThaoVan and Tharindu – Phrase 2

04/28 Update:

Since Phrase 1 presentations were over, Tharindu and I spent some time on making the sprites move automatically. That was last Wednesday; anyway, that was a big milestone for us. We were able to make the Ship reduces its health when it hits other ships. It might be a challenge for us to figure out how both ships can collide if they are hit directly instead they both go through each other without physical damage. 

04/30 Update:

To break it down on what we have accomplished so far between Phrase I and II:
1) The main Ship reduces health if it hits other moving ships
2) Replaced a better background
3) Enemies’ ships go different directions
4) When the main Ship’s health reaches 0, a message pops up displaying, ”Game Over” and the game stops.

The King’s Message (Phrase II – GB)
The King’s Message (Phrase II – ASM)

Thomas Engdahl_Phase II

I have not done a lot to my code actually if not anything at all. I have not yet tracked down the crazy error that happens. It never does it for me; Just to important people to embarrass me it seems. I have been pretty busy with my final project anyway.

As for my code, it is actually exactly the same but I brought the debugger back in. Refer to my Phase 1 post for my code.

I will link this, it is the debugger version of the code. If anyone identifies the event that triggers the error please let me know

More importantly. I have hashed through a quick tutorial for making and using the song files I have been using. It is in the tutoial section of the wiki.

Here is a link.