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Hello Noise – Jonathon Burris

I modified the “hello-noise-with-comments” file to change how the sounds play and changed the background text to reflect my mood at the time of doing this program.


Hello Noise – Angela McColm

Here is my hello-noise file for my project (finally after my weather techincal difficulties). Just as a reminder, I am creating a sliding tile game.


Alex Martin – Hello Noise

Here’s my hello noise program. It’s pretty much my hello sprite, but with sound for extra immersion. When you try to pick up the hat, it makes a noise, and when you try to drop the hat, it makes a different noise. I didn’t know what you would or wouldn’t need so I zipped up everything I used.

August Ritchie – Hello Noise

Here is my hello-noise… I tried to recreate chocolate rain by Tay Zonday… but I am very bad with music so this sounds almost as bad as Country Music…

Here is the site with the music notes… I had to learn to read music and I have no idea what that bottom line is all about on this

Chocolate Rain Sheet Music


Alex Siemer – hello noise

All it does is beep at the beginning.  It sounds a lot better when it is played in audacity.  I’m still working on getting it all together. 


Thomas Engdahl -Hello Sound Effects

Whew I almost forgot this was due tonight.

Here is the latest version of my game code.

It does a lot of new things for instance you can now pause the game but since this is the hello noise assignment I will try to highlight the new sound features.

I have added sound effects. This seems easy at first, I mean just play the sound when I place an X or an O right? Not exactly….

Because I have music playing in my game I have a bit of a conflict. If the music is playing and using up all my sound circuits. How does it know if I am playing a sound and who’s turn it is? If I just play a sound the music will just play over if before it’s even done. This means I have to create a sound effects flag. In my new include library I have made some new macros geared toward sounds. First I define sounds such as a bleep, a sweep, or the creeps. Then also in the definition for the sound I have to create a flag for the channel that the sound wants to use. Then I have to make the player file that plays the music check if a sound is being played on each voice call and if it stop playing music on that voice until the sound is done. The rAUDENA is very useful for this as the last 4 bits (0-3) are high when that channel is creating sound. This means I can check this register for an “actual sound being played” flag and then I use my gamedata variable for a “sound effect starting/request” flag. In the end it works but there are a couple of things that mess with it still; such as music driven volume changes and some logical things you can call that might drown out the sound effect. There is also the overall effect that the music is so rock’n and loud that it does overpower the sound effects for now but the channel interrupt works as it should ^^

Also I got a channel swap macro to work for the music player. Now I can take the data for the first sound circuit and play it in the third sound circuit or make all circuits play the same thing or create a solo by turning 3 sound circuits off.

In the game I have changed the music according to the player’s turn.

PlayerOne’s Music:

Channel swap, this can have an enigmatic sound on the right song.

voice0->voice3; voice1->voice2;voice2->voice1;voice3->voice0

PlayerTwo’s Music:

Music is as it should be 0->0,1->1, etc.

PlayerThree’s Music:

Drum solo, voice 0,1,2 are squelched , voice3 by itself.

Ok Here come the Files!




INCLUDE “” ; standard hardware definitions from
INCLUDE “” ; ASCII character set from
INCLUDE “” ; specific defs
INCLUDE “” ; hardware defs for sound

Greg Nordyke

 My Hello Noise is to the point. I used the style of the original because it seemed logical. I didn’t have very many sound effects, and the ones I used were similar to (some the same) as in the original because they sounded so close to what I believe my plan calls for. The “bip” sound I discovered may change, but I guess I was so intrigued with it because I thought it sounded like the sound made when Mario throws a fireball in the original Super Mario Bros.

.gb file

.asm file

Tyler Tysons Hello Noise


This is an extended version of my program “Slow Arrow”.  I’ve basically added a couple sounds in such as the sweep up and sweep down.  The Left and Right are an annoying tone.  Flip, I’ve incorperated the noise.  This program is set to start with the right arrow (to move out the corner). It will sweep after the right or left tone.  A lower volume, sweep will be used for my final project, that is up and down. tyler.

Thinh The Bui – Hello Noise Assignment

This is my Hello Noise Assignment. The Hello Noise displays a Tank and a Smoke coming out of the Tank’s Cannon when fire. When the Tank is not moving, the idle sound will play. When the Tank is moving, the sound is louder imitating running. When the Cannon is fire, the imitating sound will be playing. I tried and tried and tried to load the RAW AUDIO with some wave sounds I have by changing and converting  them into GameBoy Sound (By using John’s  providing softwares), but to my dissapointment, the 4 bit sound is weird. Anyway, this is what I have.                             hello-noise.asm

Hello Noise


depending on which key you press on the direction pad depends what plays. in down i was going to see if you could program sound in binary, but it all sounds the same to me so i abandoned that.