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Matt Hart

I’ve made a ship. It’s stationary but it rotates to face the four cardinal directions corresponding to the arrow key pressed.

ship.z80 - sprites - sprites

ship.asm - source code - playable gb file


Currently working on a program similar to space invaders. There is ALOT of work left to be done. My current focus is figuring out how to make it fire multiple laser using macros, though I have put many headaches into it and not come up with anything that works yet.


SPRITE v1.0.//

Currently uses standard, memory.asm,

Hello Sprite – Jeremy James

Here is what i have so far for my hello-sprite code. I programmed Kirby using 4 sprites and then attempted to get them to move together. Right now the YFlip doesn’t work correctly but I am still trying to figure that one out. If you have any ideas, let me know!




Unfortunately it won’t let me upload a .zip or .inc file so therefore kirby wont show up if you assemble it yourself

Hello sprite by Willie Livengood!

This is what I have so far. I edited John’s hello-sprite to allow the sprite to move across the entire 32×32 block background. My “sprite” is actually 4 sprites that move as one.

The “flip” function from John’s original code still only flips one of the sprites, so only part of the face flips.

I had to edit and ibmpc1, so you will need mine if you want to recompile it. WordPress would not let me upload .ink files, so I had to save them as .txt files.





Hello World Assignment


Finally i can post!! well it seems like nothing now that we covered it but here is my assignment


I pretty much made a kind of dungeon that the screen would load (SC1 helped with its monochrome text).  Then I used William Livengood’s code to make it move.  I have not yet been able to find out how to make it move the desired spaces I would like it too.

I would like it to go down until it reaches block 32 at the bottom, and then go right until it reaches block 32 on the right.  And then I would like it to go up.  I will try to incorporate this into the Hello Sprite probably.



August Ritchie – Hello World Revision 2

New Kirby, but this time he dances. I learned how loops work. It looks like there is a set limit to how much you can have in a loop. But anyways, He dances and at half-way through he kicks it into overtime.

Kirby Dance .asm File

Kirby Dance .gb File

Alex Siemer – Hello GameBoy

I modified Clint’s code to get the word to scroll diagonally.  Then I added a an overlapping word that took a bit of work to get it just right.


Tien Vo

Program use delays and clear screen. >.>

<.< I’m not good with thinking of a good idea so …… yeah.

helloworld asm

helloworld gb

Mihingu Perera

Hi I’m Mihingu Perera. This is my “HELLO WORLD” game boy code.