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I took this picture while I was driving, what makes this picture artistic is the fact that it was getting really dark, and that is what made the sun looks bright and gave it a glow

This dragon painting is captured from the traditional Chinese paper umbrella.  Dragon is the divine mythical creature  that brings ultimate abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. Chinese around the world proudly proclaim themselves descendant of the dragon because dragon symbolize power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity.  A dragon overcomes all obstacles and is never afraid of anything.  He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious.

Natural Light & Shadow

As we have been doing this assignment I have been constantly looking for opportunities to capture life around me that I do not normally take a second look too.

The shadows of the trees without leaves have really stood out to me, on colder days they give me more of feeling of a wickedness or even a creepy feeling, but on nicer more sunny days I find myself gazing at them for lengthy amount of time. To me the pattern is very surreal and I find complexity in a relatively simple part of nature.


THis is the floor in the Music building.  The pattern of the floor and the colors remind of the days when there was TV and movies in black and white only.

An unlikely stalker

The weather was wonderful over the past week and I noticed that spring was finally starting to set in and all the little squirrels were out of hiding, running about campus and least bothered about all the people that passed them. Then I noticed this one little squirrel that was following me for a few steps. I had a snickers bar in my hand and I noticed the squirrel eagerly looking towards me. As I opened the snack, it came closer to me wagging its tail and then stood on its hind limbs. I partially knelt down, took out a piece of the peanut that was in the snack and threw it towards the squirrel, and it happily ate it. I took out my camera and then held out my hand pretending to give it some food, wondering if the squirrel would come any closer to me. Infact it did come close, and as I was taking the picture trying not to scare it away, it grabbed my finger with its fore-limbs for a second, then went away.

I missed capturing it when it grabbed my finger, but I managed a shot when it eagerly came towards me and was about to do so. I think it is really cool how most of the squirrels on campus have got used to human presence and feel safe enough to approach us.

Array of colorful books.

I am not sure if someone else posted an array of books before – but I found this to be pretty fascinating.

When we generally go to the library, little do we notice the colorful progression of books outlined by these shelves!


I took this picture in Rock and Central because I thought of the picture that the rainbow peeking through the tree limbs was beautiful.

Concert set-up

I know that this picture is not current but I thought it was still interesting.  This was the set-up for the Rolling Stone concert that was at WSU a few semesters ago.  I thought it looked almost like a skyline photo of a city.  It was interesting to me at the time and today.

Abstract frying saucepan art

A bloody fight has occurred on my pan. Looks like some what’s left over after some animal clawing another animal on my pan.

blast off

went to the shooting range and when i was cleaning up my bay noticed that this isnt a sight you see everyday and made me realize that this is what some people see everyday